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Does the ghost of Dylan Thomas visit his old haunts? Has he gone gently in that good night, or does his spirit rage, rage, against the dying of the li...View Details

Have you heard about the "dog of darkness" which stalks the haunted lanes at night? This "hound of hell" has patrolled the Welsh roads of centuries, a...View Details

Did you know... a real-life Scooby-Doo dog once caught a ghost in a Welsh village? Join MARK REES (Ghosts of Wales/ Curious Wales) as he explores the ...View Details

Is there any truth to Wales' most famous folk tale? Did a dog named Gelert really fight with a gigantic wolf for the life of the Prince of Wales' son ...View Details

Do some ghosts really swear at people? And do other ghosts dress up in the clothing of the clergy? Join MARK REES as he investigates the supernatural ...View Details

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