If there's something strange in the graveyard, who ya gonna call? In the Victorian age, two tales of paranormal activity in the grounds of churches sp...View Details

Does elf fire - so-called fairy lights - really lure weary travellers to their doom at night? For centuries, strange glowing lights have been reported...View Details

Is there really a haunted artefact in London's British Museum? And what connection does it have with an ancient Welsh burial site? The so-called "Gold...View Details

Warning: don't disturb the fairy folk as they party by night! The fairy folk of Wales (y tylwyth teg) don't take kindly to being interrupted by nosy h...View Details

Can church bells really protect your soul from evil spirits, fairies, trolls, plague, and the Devil himself? Bells have long been a familiar sight and...View Details

Not all strange glowing balls are corpse candles or death omens - some are the wandering souls of those with scores to settle. Can a soul really leave...View Details

Warning: don't mess with fairy women, and don't mess with fairy cows! In this cautionary Welsh folk tale, a greedy farmer finds out the hard way that ...View Details

Why does the apparition of a woman return to haunt a love-sick traveller? In this "real-life" ghost story from 18th century Wales, a man's ill-fated v...View Details

From nautical corpse candles to swashbuckling Devils, explore the folklore of the high seas on the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast. In times gone...View Details

Who is the mysterious Lady in Grey haunting Victorian Cardiff? In October 1893, strange events were reported in the village of Tongwynlais. The countr...View Details

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