Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees

EP04 The Woman in White haunting Wales and England

Do some ghosts really swear at people? And do other ghosts dress up in the clothing of the clergy? Join MARK REES as he investigates the supernatural secrets of two eerie real-life tales of a 'woman in white' haunting on both sides of the Severn Bridge. In Wales she left 'superstitious' residents in the Vale of Glamorgan too terrified to walk about after dark, while in England two ghostbusters claim a 'potty-mouthed' spirit was effing and blinding at them at a 'most haunted' beauty spot.

EP03 A Ghost to Rival Hamlet’s Father

Did a ghost really help the police discover a buried skull? In this real-life ghost story MARK REES, author of "Ghosts of Wales", investigates the facts surrounding a Victorian spectre which haunted Swansea's 'most haunted' home. Not only did the spook have the whole city talking, but the police paid a visit when things took an unexpected turn. In a real-life scene which sounds like a work of Gothic fiction, there was a full moon in the sky when that ghost revealed its true purpose...

EP02 The Curse of the Swansea Devil

Can a statue really be cursed? And can it really destroy a church? The Swansea Devil is a "cursed" Victorian work of art which, if the legend is true, was responsible for burning down a Welsh church. It then disappeared without a trace, only to reappear a long way from home... Join MARK REES, author of "Ghosts of Wales", as he goes in search of the truth behind one of Wales' most infamous sculptures. Hit subscribe for more tales of the paranormal, supernatural, folklore, myths and legends!

EP01 The Two-Headed Phantom of Wales

How can a ghost have two heads? The secret might shock you! Join MARK REES, author of "Ghosts of Wales: Accounts from the Victorian Archives", who discovered the long-lost real-life story of a two-headed phantom which haunted - and hunted - a Welsh community in the 19th century. For more weird and wonderful tales of the paranormal, supernatural, folklore, myths and legends, follow Mark on: Twitter: @reviewwales Facebook: /reviewwales Instagram: @reviewwales