Can you really solve a mystery by digging up skulls in a graveyard? That seemed to be the case when notorious Welsh wizard Robin Ddu (Black Robin) was...View Details

Do werewolves really roam the wilds of Wales? That certainly seemed to be the case for one Oxford professor who encountered a strange creature while o...View Details

Can a witch really curse somebody who refuses to assist them? That certainly seems to be the case in this old Welsh folk tale in which Bethan Jones - ...View Details

Can a ghost really carry a person across the world in the blink of an eye? That seemed to be the case in Wales in the 18th century when a man was seem...View Details

Water has many uses in Welsh folklore, from repelling evil to bringing good luck. Some of these traditions are practical, such as not spilling this mo...View Details

If there's something strange in the graveyard, who ya gonna call? In the Victorian age, two tales of paranormal activity in the grounds of churches sp...View Details

Does elf fire - so-called fairy lights - really lure weary travellers to their doom at night? For centuries, strange glowing lights have been reported...View Details

Is there really a haunted artefact in London's British Museum? And what connection does it have with an ancient Welsh burial site? The so-called "Gold...View Details

Warning: don't disturb the fairy folk as they party by night! The fairy folk of Wales (y tylwyth teg) don't take kindly to being interrupted by nosy h...View Details

Can church bells really protect your soul from evil spirits, fairies, trolls, plague, and the Devil himself? Bells have long been a familiar sight and...View Details

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