Ghosts of the living come in all shapes and sizes, from lost souls minding their own business to stone-hurling poltergeists. But what does it mean to ...View Details

There's witchcraft, tormented spirits, curses, the well of evil and even a bit of good old-fashioned Wicker Man style paganism in this episode of wate...View Details

A man of God is accused by his fellow reverends of making a pact with the Devil in return for supernatural powers. According to the tale, he would sne...View Details

Dare you go on a "live" ghost tour at Wales's "most haunted" National Trust property? On Halloween, Mark Rees joined Ronnie - Wales' finest spooky tou...View Details

Newton House in Dinefwr has long been the scene of inexplicable paranormal activity – in fact, the National Trust call it their "most haunted" locatio...View Details

Dare you go on a ghost hunt to one of Wales's "most haunted" places? Join Mark Rees and Welsh paranormal investigators Cymru Paranormal for a Hallowee...View Details

A monstrous black pig and the ghost of a headless white lady emerge to hunt the living on Halloween - but what do they want? When the shades of night ...View Details

Dare you visit these watery beauty spots where ghouls and ghosts appear on the spookiest night of the year? Explore several "haunted" lakes where the ...View Details

Halloween wouldn't be Halloween with a grinning jack-o'-lantern, but did you know that it was once far more sinister than a finely carved pumpkin? Not...View Details

Explore three creepy "real-life" accounts of restless spirits who seemingly can’t rest in peace until their hidden treasure has been discovered. There...View Details

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