Can a murderer return from beyond the grave to haunt their former neighbours?

In this episode of the GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast, join your host MARK REES (author of Ghosts of Wales/ Paranormal Wales etc.) as he goes in search of the facts surrounding the "Wraith of a Murderer", a ghost which was said to be haunting his old home in the late Victorian age.

In a tale which combines a real-life long-lost crime with an eerie "most haunted" supernatural story, the events unfolded in 19th century Swansea where witnesses reported seeing the phantom's face, feeling his clammy hands, and in at least one case falling sick with fear as a result.

Was this paranormal activity the work of "The Wraith of a Murderer Stalks Abroad", or was something even more mysterious taking place in the Welsh city?

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