The world is full of magical tales about fairies, but have you ever wondered where they come from?

According to Welsh folklore, the little folk originated in either north Wales or south Wales, and the answer to that question - along with many others - is revealed in this episode of the GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast with Mark Rees (author of "Ghosts of Wales"/ "Paranormal Wales" etc.).

In the company of a pioneering Victorian writer who travelled from America to Wales and recorded many a fairy tale, join them for a whirlwind tour which looks at old beliefs in the mischievous creatures, and some real-life hiding places where they are said to have dwelt.

This episode is the perfect starting point for anyone with an interest in folklore and fairy tales, and lays the groundwork for many of the fantastical - and occasionally dark - tales to follow.

Do you believe in fairies? Listen to this podcast before making your mind up!

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