In this real-life ghost story, a terrified Welsh farmer is forced to flee from a spectral locomotive as it hurtles around the idyllic landscape. But this was no ordinary ghost train - according to the witness, it was a ghost train from the future.

Join MARK REES (author of "Ghosts of Wales/ Paranormal Wales") as he delves into the archives in search of evidence surrounding this extremely rare type of haunting, and asks if a ghostly form really can travel "back to the future".

He also takes a quick look at the at more physical ghost trains to be found in the fun fairs of haunted Wales, or rather the lack of them as the case may be.

Did the farmer really see such paranormal activity in Victorian Carmarthenshire, or was it clairvoyance or second sight at work? Press play to find out more in this episode of the GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast!

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