Dare you cross the Devil's Bridge?

In this episode of the GHOSTS & FOLKLORE podcast, join Mark Rees (author of "Ghosts of Wales"/ Paranormal Wales" etc.) for a journey in search of Satan himself who, it is claimed, built a bridge over a great chasm in west Wales in exchange for the soul of an old Welsh widow.

This story is one of Wales' most popular folk tales, and while it might seem a little bit too far-fetched to be true, there's no denying the fact that the Devil's Bridge really does exits in the village of Pontarfynach. In fact, it's not just one bridge but three.

By digging deeper into the origins of this much-loved tale we can attempt to separate the fact from the fiction, and uncover the real secret history behind this most diabolical of spans.

Did the Devil really build a bridge in haunted Wales? Press play to find out more!

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