Can the changing room of a sports stadium really be jinxed? And did it really cause team after team to continuously lose important games?

That's exactly what was claimed to be happening at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, when more than 10 English football league teams in a row (along with a few rugby teams) lost major games after being stationed in the dreaded south changing room.

The odds that so many teams could miss out on the glory of winning the FA Cup, league cup and promotion finals were starting to look increasingly unlikely, and when they went beyond 8,000/1 it was decided that something had to be done.

In order to exorcise the curse, stadium chiefs turned to an unlikely kind of exorcist - the world's richest painter.

Yes, the world's richest painter was drafted in to save the day and to work his magic with a paint brush, rather than a cross and the Bible.

Did it work? All is revealed on episode 24 of the Ghosts & Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast!

What is the Ghosts & Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast?

In early 2020, Mark Rees launched the world’s first podcast dedicated to Welsh ghost stories, folklore, myths and legends.

By combining Mark’s research and insights from his books and articles with long-lost tales from dusty old tomes, this weird and wonderful podcast takes a unique look at countless curious subjects.

New episodes are uploaded every Thursday, and feature everything from real-life encounters with pesky poltergeists to fantastical beasts from the Mabinogion, 

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