St David's Day Special: How to fight evil spirits and other uses for the leek, Wales' national vegetable

St David's Day is celebrated in Wales and around the world on March 1, but why do people wear a leek to commemorate Wales' patron saint?

Welsh folklore tells us that the leek has many important historical uses, from winning wars to fighting off evil spirits, and all is revealed by Mark Rees (author of Ghosts of Wales) on this St David's Day special of the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast.

There is also a darker side to St David's Day traditions, and a visit to the cemetery on this holiest of days could reveal corpse candles and more strange omens lurking in the shadows.

Press play to find out more... if you dare!


What is the Ghosts & Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast?

In early 2020, Mark Rees launched the world’s first podcast dedicated to Welsh ghost stories, folklore, myths and legends.

By combining his unique research and insights from many books and articles with long-lost tales from dusty old tomes, this weird and wonderful podcast takes a fascinating look at countless curious subjects.

New episodes are uploaded every Thursday, and feature everything from real-life encounters with pesky poltergeists to fantastical beasts from the Mabinogion and the skulled-headed Christmas favourite herself, the Mari Lwyd.

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