Can poltergeist activity really destroy a building, or is it just local lore?

When objects started moving of their own accord on a Welsh farm, it was assumed an evil spirit was at work.

But following a botched exorcism there was no stopping its destruction, which including first destroying the contents of a building, followed by the building itself.

Could this all have been the work of a single poltergeist, or was there something else at work? A local folk tale claims the property is cursed and, with the curse seemingly coming true, many assumed that it was more than a coincidence.

For all of the terrifying details, join author Mark Rees (Ghosts of Wales) as he explores the real-life case of the evil spirit on the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales podcast.


What is the Ghosts and Folklore of Wales with Mark Rees podcast?

In early 2020, Mark Rees launched the world’s first podcast dedicated to Welsh ghost stories, folklore, myths and legends.

By combining his unique research and insights from many books and articles with long-lost tales from dusty old tomes, this weird and wonderful podcast takes a fascinating look at the country's countless curious subjects.

New episodes are uploaded every Thursday and feature everything from real-life encounters with pesky poltergeists to fantastical beasts from the Mabinogion and the skulled-headed Christmas favourite herself, the Mari Lwyd.

Be sure to subscribe, and for more details and to get in touch with Mark Rees, please visit:

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