What happens when a fairy turns nasty? It becomes something of a poltergeist! On this episode of the Ghosts and Folklore podcast, explore the dual nat...View Details

Does the ghost of a lady in white really haunt one of Wales's "most haunted" castles? When darkness falls on Oystermouth Castle, one of Swansea’s more...View Details

When corpse candles and deathlike fingers materialise during a séance in Swansea, is it the work of spirits of the dead, or is something else going on...View Details

Did an old folk tale of a wicked witch and an evil giant really lead to the discovery of coal in the Welsh valleys? In this traditional story, a shado...View Details

When people stopped believing in fairies, how could they explain the paranormal activity that continued? In the early 20th century, belief in the exis...View Details

Can poltergeist activity really destroy a building, or is it just local lore? When objects started moving of their own accord on a Welsh farm, it was ...View Details

Dare you swim in the spirit-filled waterways of Wales? They might look calm and serene from land, but the rivers of Wales are steeped in accounts of s...View Details

What do you do when the ghosts of policemen start patrolling the streets? That was the problem facing a Welsh town in the Swinging Sixties when late a...View Details

What supernatural creatures were scaring the miners of Wales deep underground? For centuries, those working hard in the dark have reported strange sig...View Details

Why is a disembodied hand haunting a secluded mansion on the wind-swept coast of Wales? Staff working at the house have long reported seeing the sever...View Details

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